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What is Auto Enrolment

In October 2012 the law on workplace pensions changed with the introduction of automatic enrolment. All employers are legally required to automatically enrol certain staff in a qualifying workplace pension scheme, without employees having to take any action.

Employers have to make contributions on behalf of certain employees and communicate with staff regarding the scheme, allowing other staff to join if they request it.

In order to comply with the changes to workplace pension provision employers need to process a considerable amount of information.

Employers must be ready to start enrolling staff from their staging date, which can be found on the company PAYE reference. To ensure workplace pension provision for their UK employees all employers must:

  • Establish their staging date and decide if a deferral period is required.
  • Provide a qualifying workplace pension scheme (QWPS) that meets the new quality standards.
  • Assess which members are “Eligible”, “Non-Eligible” or “Entitled” and understand how each category is treated.*
  • Make sure the right communications are sent to relevant employees at the correct time.
  • Understand which employees have opted out of, or into, the QWPS.
  • Make payments at the required level for employees who have opted into the QWPS.
Monthly earnings Age
From 16 to 21 From 22 to SPA* From SPA to 74
£481 and below Has a right to join a pension scheme
Over £481 up to £833 Has a right to opt in
Over £833 Has a right to opt in Automatically enrol Has a right to opt in

Figures correct as of 2014/2015. * SPA = state pension age


News & Resources

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As part of a company’s Automatic Enrolment duties, employers must ‘re-enrol’ certain staff back into a pension scheme every three years.

Employers must act on auto enrolment contribution changes for 2017/18


The following contribution changes for auto enrolment have been announced for the 2017/18 tax year, covering qualified earnings.